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Why invest in a wellness program for your employees? Because not doing so will likely cost your company much more in the long run.


The American Heart Association (AHA) estimated the following expenditures for the these life-threatening and chronic conditions in 2006:*


    Cardiovascular disease - $403.1 billion
    Coronary heart disease - $142.5 billion
    High blood pressure - $63.5 billion
    Stroke - $57.9 billion


*Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics-2006 Update, American Heart Association.

DR 911 Wellness Check is an onsite health assessment service that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization. Possible services include: health questionnaires, blood screenings, pre-employment physicals and other key measurements of well-being.


When employees become motivated to take a more active role regarding their health, it has a positive impact on them individually as well as on your entire business. As your employees become healthier, they generally become more productive and demonstrate higher levels of morale, which often leads to lower absenteeism. Moreover, healthier employees typically incur fewer medical expenses, which results in lower health insurance premiums.


Implement DR 911 Wellness Check now and realize the benefits for years to come.


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