March 18, 2014
Lady Gaga’s Vomit Artist Defends Herself Against Demi Lovato’s Bulimia Criticisms


March 13, 2014
Most Alcohol-Linked Deaths Occur Among Working-Age Adults: CDC
U.S. News


March 13, 2014
Blood test may find brain injury, researchers say
Long Island Newsday


March 13, 2014
Blood Test Might Help Spot, Monitor Concussions
U.S. News


March 10, 2014
10 Surprising Ways to Quench Your Thirst
Men's Fitness


March 6, 2014
Teens Likely to Get Opioid Rx for Headaches
Medpage Today


February 8, 2014
Can You Die From Drinking Too Much Soda?


January 31, 2014
How Not to Get Sick on a Cruise
Everyday Health


January 27, 2014
A Diane Sawyer special ‘Young Guns’ looks at a child’s irresistible urge to play with guns (VIDEO)
ABC News


January 27, 2014
More than 600 sick at sea
CBS News


January 27, 2014
Hard candy sends most kids to the emergency room for choking
CBS News


January 23, 2014
What's 'sizzurp'? A dangerous way for kids to get high
Today News


January 17, 2014
Texas Football: What's Going on with David Ash?
Bleacher Report


January 16, 2014
New York improves in state-by-state rankings of emergency room performance
Daily News


January 15, 2014
Brain Injuries May Raise Risk of Early Death
U.S. News


January 13, 2014
Delirium: What Are the Options?
Medpage Today


January 6, 2014
Doctors' Advice for Surviving the Polar Vortex
Newsmax Health


January 03, 2014
It’s a Blizzard! 5 Surprising Tips For Staying Safe In the Snow


December 30, 2013
Auto Racer in Artificial Coma After Ski Mishap
Medpage Today


December 16, 2013
What Bystanders Should Know About CPR -- and Why
Medpage Today


December 6, 2013
Hot snacks too hot to handle for some kids?
My Fox NY


November 29, 2013
Lenox Hill Doctors Give Life-Saving Tips For Emergencies
Time Warner Cable News


November 15, 2013
Super Spicy Snacks Send Kids to Emergency Room
ABC News


July 29, 2013
Hard candy sends most kids to the emergency room for choking
CBS News


July 26, 2013
Plague found in squirrel prompts closures at Angeles National Forest
CBS News


July 18, 2013
Burst Appendix Linked To Ozone Air Pollution
Huffington Post


July 8, 2013
Boys With Guns at High Risk of Assault: Study
US News


July 7, 2013
San Francisco hospitals treat scores of crash survivors


June 28, 2013
Historic, dangerous heat wave scorches western USA


June 28, 2013
Who Is Molly?
Huffington Post


June 25, 2013
Dangerous viral trend threatens teens: 'Smoking' alcohol
Today Show


June 23, 2013
Is MDMA the new drug of choice among New York's elite?
Mail Online


June 21, 2013
"Smoking Alcohol" Consumption Alarms Doctors
NBC New York


June 21, 2013
Molly: Pure, but Not So Simple
The New York Times


June 17, 2013
Eyeball Licking
CBS Cleveland


June 14, 2013
Japanese "eyeball licking" trend carries blindness risk
CBS News


May 11, 2013
Bangladeshi Woman Rescued After 17 Days: How People Survive Disasters
Time Health & Family


May 10, 2013
Seattle teen's illness attributed to grill brush bristle
CBS News


May 10, 2013
Water, "luck" helped Bangladeshi seamstress survive after being
trapped 17 days

CBS News


May 9, 2013
Brazil police: Woman survives after husband accidentally shoots her in mouth with harpoon
CBS News


April 17, 2013
Lenox Hill ER Doctor Talks Boston Bombing Victims
CBS New York


April 2, 2013
Kevin Ware's Broken Leg May Be Caused by Stress Fractures
ABC News


April 2, 2013
Kevin Ware recovering, set to leave hospital
CBS This Morning


April 2, 2013
Walking While You Work


April 2, 2013
'Back to my brothers I go': Louisville star Kevin Ware leaves hospital just two days after gruesome injury... as doctors say he may have been hurt BEFORE broken leg
Mail Online


April 1, 2013
Kevin Ware’s Awful Break: How Could It Happen?
TIME Health & Family


April 1, 2013
Kevin Ware's 'Gruesome' Injury


April 1, 2013
What caused Kevin Ware's horrific leg injury?
The Week


March 31, 2013
Worried About Your Surgery? Skip the Valium and Download the App


March 26, 2013
Kids With Minor Head Trauma More Likely To Have CT Scan If Parents Are Anxious (STUDY)
Huffington Post


March 25, 2013
Physical Therapy: A Reasonable Alternative to Surgery for Patients with Meniscal Tears and Arthritis


March 22, 2013
Sheriffs: Nitrous oxide, or whip-its, becoming popular in Los Angeles
CBS News


March 20, 2013
Safety Prevails — In Updated Guidelines To Manage Concussions


March 13, 2013
New Pope Had Lung Removed as a Teen: Implications For Future Health and Longevity


March 4, 2013
Many Allergic to Fire Ant's Sting Don't Get Preventive Shots
US News


January 31, 2013
Illness Walks the Runway
The New York Times


December 4, 2012
Dr. Oz's Winter Rescue Prescription
The Dr. Oz Show



January 30, 2013
Why Chicken Pox Can Be So Dangerous


January 12, 2013
USA needs more effective flu shots, experts say


January 11, 2013
Flu epidemic: what you need to know
My Fox New York



January 11, 2013
CDC: Flu vaccine 62% effective; 47 states report widespread illness
CBS News


January 10, 2013
Flu Outbreak Puts Strain On Hospitals


December 13, 2012
Tipping televisions kill record number of U.S. kids, gov't warns
CBS News


December 12, 2012
Study Questions Standard of Care for Head Trauma


December 4, 2012
Fake Marijuana Use Is A Serious Problem For Teens
CBS New York


November 19, 2012
Some Teens Risk Health to Build Muscle


November 2, 2012
Carbon Monoxide Deaths: Generators Cause At Least Nine Fatal Poisonings After Hurricane Sandy


October 18, 2012
Why Flamin' Hot Cheetos are sending kids to ER
CBS News


October 11, 2012
As Armstrong Case Unfolds, Experts Describe Doping's Harms


July 30, 2012
Distracted Walking: Danger Ahead
ABC News


July 12, 2012
Surge Seen in Concussions Among College Football Players
Health Day


June 20, 2012
Advice for a Heat Advisory
The Wall Street Journal


June 20, 2012
'It's Too Hot' As Summer Arrives in NYC
AOL On News



July 21, 2011
Heat stroke risk soars as heat wave spreads: How to stay safe
CBS News


June 11, 2012
Apps for Travelers with Medical Issues
The New York Times


December 8, 2010
Top Ten Health Searches for 2010
Ladies' Home Journal


October 28, 2010
"Truth or Consequences: Why You Should be Honest with your Doctor"
The Today Show



March 24, 2010
Spring Allergies Cured, Naturally!
The Beauty Bean




March 4, 2009
The MD That Never Sleeps /


September 16, 2008
Bedside Manor
New York Post


September 17, 2008
The Doctor Will See You (in Your Condo) Now


September 16, 2008
Haute Health: Dr 911
Haute Concept


March 13, 2008
Dr. Robert Glatter, Founder and Medical Director of DR 911, is interviewed on "Doctor Radio", Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 114 about the resurgence of house calls in the United States
Sirius Satellite Radio


February 29, 2008
The Return of Dr. House


February 17, 2008
House calls for home bodies
Page Six Magazine (NY Post)


September 23, 2007
DR 911 Featured in WCBS TV Health Watch: ER House Calls



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